About us

Charitable organization “Future of Ukraine” exists to support the most vulnerable children in Ukraine, namely: orphans and children deprived of parental care, children with physical and developmental disabilities as well as children with serious illnesses who require assistance with obtaining treatment. All of those who are under care of the organization are united by the fact that they live in total poverty and harsh living conditions. For almost all of the children supported by “Future of Ukraine” – the organization presents their only hope for survival.
“Future of Ukraine” is structured as a volunteer organization and all its members operate on a voluntary and unpaid basis.
The overall purpose of the organization is to:
– Develop and change the disconnection that exists in the assistance to children.
– Supply medicine that is not registered in Ukraine and is not purchased by hospitals and orphanages.
– Provide social, material and psychological assistance to children and families who live in poverty and under difficult circumstances.
– Raise funds for treatment of sick children who are living under very challenging and difficult circumstances.
– Provide quality supplies and medical equipment to children’s hospitals and clinics.
– Raise awareness about the challenges faced by abandoned children and children with disabilities.
– Protect the rights of children by bringing to light inaction, illegal activities and lack of social services that exist for these children.
– Improve the quality of life and living conditions for the children.
– Train and educate local doctors.
– Implement and launch campaigns aimed at the promotion and development of philanthropy in Ukraine.
“Future of Ukraine” is a unique organization as it operates at full disclosure and all of its activities are openly reported on to the public. It’s volunteer base consists of hundreds and thousands of people who offer their support through their involvement in various activities of the organization. Some support initiatives through donations and financial contributions, others allocate time to spend visiting children and organizing activities, while some accompany children or families throughout many years, becoming part of their life, experiencing and influencing their growth and development. All of the organization’s reporting is open and transparent. Through the use of Facebook, anyone can ask questions about specific causes, projects and verify donations. The true testament of this organization’s reach, influence and necessity to exist – lies in the countless lives that have been impacted and saved. Throughout all of its existence, “Future of Ukraine” has never taken any money from local or state budgets or any authorities. This financial independence allows the organization to effectively confront and address bureaucratic injustice and protect the children and their rights from being abused by unjust social services or their officials.
Currently, “Future of Ukraine” takes care of more than 3,000 children across Ukraine and every day we receive new and increasing requests for help and assistance.
We need your help and so we turn to you for support in advancing our ongoing efforts and projects. Help Us to Be Helpful.