There are children who couldn’t even dream about spending time in resorts in the Carpathian Mountains. They have never seen a swimming pool and they have no idea about the existence of rollers.  There are children who dream about sneakers and a new t-shirt. And there are children who don’t know their parents. They know their names and they cherish these memories. These children live in orphanages located in Ukraine. Now these very children have a chance to go on vacations to an amazingly beautiful resort “Mygove” from 28.05. 2016 -5.06.2016 in the Carpathian Mountains. We need help in feeding the most deprived children of Ukraine.
We received a bill which is 162,000 hriven (6,500$). The money in question will make 1000 children happy. These children have nobody but us! We have held this event “Bukovina Dream” for 7 years and we know how important it is for the children.
We need your help!