Project – “Dreams” Calendar

A Charitable calendar entitled “Dreams” has been following a photographic display having the same
name “Dreams!”. It includes 44 pictures of children who are not afraid to dream.
Every photo – is a separate story, which changed the lives of its main characters. The calendar spans
two years, 2018 and 2019. It contains only positive and inspiring children’s holidays, because childhood
does not have a disability.
The “Dreams” calendar breaks away all stereotypes and proves that regardless of the challenges we may
experience in our lives, we all have the right to a fully functioning and happy life. Children, who have
been shrugged by their peers and ignored by society, have opened up to the world and expect the same
of us. Love, happiness, goodness, friendship and joy – are those specific emotions that are showcased in
the pictures of this calendar.
The “Dreams” calendar can be purchased from our website, in the “Store” section. This is a wonderful
present for your child. This is your inclusion and contribution in the “City of Goodness”. All proceeds
from the sale of our calendars are going to the creation of “City of Goodness”, to help save the children.

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