Birthdays of Bukovyna

“Birthdays of Bukovyna” is the project taking place during the year and is being celebrated monthly every 30th day. For these birthdays children orphans and economically disadvantaged children of minimum 3 years old from Chernivtsi Region are invited. These kids will have birthdays that or other month (“Birthdays of Bukovyna September”, “Birthdays of Bukovyna October”, etc.).

Charity Project “Birthdays of Bukovyna” aims at organizing real celebration for children orphans’ birthdays, celebration specially organized for them dedicated to their birthdays and not to any state or international holiday or other event; where exactly little birthday children will be the hosts, where there will be not indifferent magicians with big hearts beside them.

And certainly, the most important task of the project is popularization of the orphancy problem and promotion of adoption. As every philanthropist will be able to get acquainted with litte dreamer and, who knows, may be it will help to open the doors of the orphanages to the main dream of its foster children – the family!

Your assistance will become an improtant contribution to the organization of the happiest celebration of children orphans of Bukovyna. Implementation of the monthly charity project in Bukovyna is an improtant step towards unision of Bukovynians around the noble goal – assistance to children and development of philanthropy in the region. And then may be at least one wish made at birthday cake will come true and there will be less orphans in Bukovyna.

NEXT CELEBRATION WILL TAKE PLACE every 30th day of each month in TRK “Tarashany”, starts at 11.00. Bring with you a baloon of your favourite colour, a gift for the little birthday kid and a big smile!

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