Whom we help : we help children from all parts of Ukraine.
1. children who live under the poverty line and in awful conditions.
2. orphans and children abandoned by parents;
3. children with disabilities;
4. children with serious illnesses who come from poor families;
5. social center “Mothers and Children”; special general education   boarding school of Karapchivsk, general education boarding school of Selyatinsk (I-III levels), Storozhinetska boarding school (I-III levels), special general education boarding school #1 of Hotinsk, special general education boarding school #2 of Hotinsk, special boarding school #4 of Chernovtsy, educational rehabilitation center #1 of Chernovtsy Region;
6.  children whose rights are violated and who need legal support;
7.  children of the Heavenly Hundred Heroes as well as the children of the fallen soldiers;
8. Little children raised by their  single mothers without a permanent place to stay;
9. Rehabilitation center for children with central nervous system disorders.
10. pediatric departments in hospitals, surgical departments and departments of epidemiology, as well as neonatal pathology departments.