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Every three days, 250 Ukrainian children end up in an orphanage.  Even more so, ever three days – one child passes away at an orphanage.  One of the scariest facts from all of this, is that 95% of those kids are not even orphans, they just come from very poor families!  The fact is that for social services in Ukraine it is much easier to take away a child from a disadvantaged family, rather than work with the family to try an overcome a challenging situation.  Children end up being orphans forever, without ever having the right to be adopted, because they have living parents!
A lot of mothers live with kids beyond any measure of poverty, in horrible conditions, without basic necessities to exist.  Often these difficult situations cannot be solved by a single donation of money, aid or words of support.  Some moms are “graduates” of the Ukrainian orphanage system, or have themselves grown up in disadvantaged families – and don’t have the know-how or any good examples of how to take care of kids, and don’t understand the behavior of “mother-child”.  They themselves have never been hugged, loved, kissed or shown how to cook, care and look after a household.
It is because of these conditions, that a constant system of learning and support has to exist, where it is taught and led by professionals, pediatricians, teachers, together with other moms in an atmosphere that is not judgmental or meant to hurt someone, in a positive and accepting setting of a crisis centre!
Unfortunately, poverty – causes many obstacles in people’s lives, including the ability to attain education, health care, protection of their basic interests and rights.  But being poor should not be a sentence for a loving family.  Poor parents does not right away mean, bad parents! And if a family is supported at the right moment, if they are helped, they we can in an instant change the fate of many children.  We can stop children from ending up in orphanages!
“City of Goodness” – is a charitable Ukrainian project, which in the future will turn into a large network of facilities that will offer social services and housing to the poorest families ensuring that the kids remain a part of the family and are raised in good conditions.  Those part of the “City of Goodness” will fight for every mom for their child, where moms without homes, moms who grew up as orphans, those who are “graduates” of orphanages and those moms who have been abused in their homes, they will be able to find comfort, safety and support in such a place.  Every mom will receive an individually customized plan for her growth and development, with plans for future education, attaining a job and having a profession.  There will be a set term that will be determined for how long each mom will remain at the City of Goodness based on their specific goals and needs.
Main goal is to provide moms with the means to be able to get a job, to ensure that they can take care of and provide necessary support to their kids in many different situations.  “City of Goodness” – is a place where people won’t be asked for specific paperwork for place of residence, they won’t be asked of their religious beliefs, they won’t be judged based on who they are.  “City of Goodness” – is a focal point of support for kids and their moms, who will be able to reside there until they are able to overcome their crisis situations and will feel like a free and confident member of society.
Main symbol of “City of Goodness” is – a child being together with their mother!
Currently, for almost a year, we have been operating a project which became the foundation for the idea of creating the “City of Goodness” – “Centre of Wellness” which exists in Chernivtsi called “Marta’s Dream”.  This centre already has served as the centre of support for over 35 moms: homeless, orphaned, graduates of orphanages and victims of abuse in their family.  Moms whose kids would have been taken away to an orphanage if not for this centre.  22 of these moms have moved on from “Marta’s Dream” and have established their own professions, attained jobs, and can independently pay for rent and provide good living conditions for their families.  They have fully overcome their crisis and are in-turn helping other mothers who are facing difficult and challenging situations.
At the present, “Marta’s Dream” has been renting a building for $1,000 dollars per month, which is supported by donations from volunteers all over the world.  If we were to own our own building, these costs would cover maintenance of the building, pay for utilities and feed the children.  More importantly, having the building under our name, we would have the ability and the right to take kids under our care and create a free centre for rehabilitation.
Having our own building would ensure that moms and their kids wouldn’t end up on the street and be dependent and impacted by the “owner” telling them to get out because they decided to sell their building, or lend it out to others.  Having our own building, charitable foundation “I am Future of Ukraine” will be able to receive a long-awaited grant from Luxembourg that will ensure that the “City of Goodness” would be fully outfitted and retrofitted.  This grant, like many potential others can be accessed only when you own property and not lease it out.  The cost of this building with a very large piece of land attached to it is $55,000 USD.
“City of Goodness” will not be financed by government, it will exist only thanks to supportive and caring people, who are worried about the lives of disadvantaged kids!  Within this City, everyone will have the opportunity to become the missionary of goodness, to help take care of kids and provide them with basic necessities.  Names of benefactors and donors who help out with the building, with expanding the “City”, who help in any way possible will forever be embedded in a specially created alley of goodness, where brick by brick we will commemorate and engrain the names of those individuals with kind and supportive hearts, who made this dream a reality, who made this all possible and who changed the lives of so many children for good!!!

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