WHAT WE NEED: Hygiene Items: Diapers; Wipes; Liquid soap, shampoo, tooth paste and tooth brushes; moisturizing and antiseptic cream for newborns; wee wee pads; cotton balls and q-tips cotton swabs;

Medical Supplies: hospital masks, robes, overshoes, gloves; syringes of different sizes; adhesive bandages, sponges, sterile bandages and sanitizing wipes; hand sanitizer;

Medical Equipment: Infusomats; Pulse Oximeters; medical aspirations for children; nebulizers; Germicidal lamp; IV poles; wheelchairs for children; rollators for children;

Food: Baby food (formula, cereals, yoghurt, tea, water); Grains;

Vegetables; dairy products; sweets;

Clothing: We accept donations of second hand clothing in a good condition for children (0-14 y.o.)

For Children: strollers; cribs; kids’ cutlery; bath tubs; walkers; kids’ chairs;