Project – Hospitals of the Future

Charitable Foundation “I am Future of Ukraine” helps seriously ill children go through treatment and
rehabilitation. Although, it is often that the hospitals don’t have the proper conditions, an ageing
technology and lack medicine. The Foundation promotes and works on improvements to the conditions
in medical facilites. With the assistance of the foundation a few doctors were able to visit Luxembourg
to receive professional training.

The Foundation is refurbishing the X-Ray room at the children’s hospital in Chernivtsi. With the funds
collected by regular citizens, the foundation has purchased special doors, changed all the windows and
is renovating the interior of the X-ray room – all this, so that the kids who need x-rays done can receive
them quickly and in high quality.
Thanks to the funds which we were collecting for our little angel Vikusia who has passed away less than
half a year ago, the Fund was able to renovate and set up a bathroom in the department of Oncology
and Hematology of the Regional Children’s Clinical Hospital in Chernivtsi, where little patients who are
receiving chemotherapy, now have a chance to have a shower without any hazards. Previously, children
with cancer whose immune systems are already very weak and whose lives depend on sterile
conditions, had to go to the bathroom in different departments, which decreased their chances of
getting better.


Recently, charitable Foundation “I am Future of Ukraine” has purchased 30 mattresses as well as linens
to go with them for the Rehabilitation Centre in Chernivtsi, so that children can now sleep on warm and
cozy mattresses and lines and dream wonderful dreams after the endurances they experienced during
the day.

All of these are very little steps, when compared to the grand challenges that exist in children’s hospitals
all across Ukraine. We put our hopes in people who are not indifferent, on those who want to change
the situation and conditions together with us, as children are our future. They are worth of only the
best things. Together we will overcome all obstacles and will create real and actionable hospitals of the